Sunday, September 15, 2013


Our preacher's message this morning was on dysfunction. Usually when we hear the word dysfunction we thing of a family being dysfunctional or a medical condition. But dysfunction is basically when something isn't functioning the way it's supposed to.

The passage was on the man who was healed at the pool. (Follow the link to the passage.) The part that really stuck out with me was when Jesus asked the man if he wanted to get well. The man didn't say, "Yes!" He gave an excuse. He told Jesus that everyday when the water was stirred he tried to get into the pool, but no one would help him. Reverend Jody said that they believed an angel dipped her wing into the pool and swirled the water, and the first one to get into the water would be healed. The man would be trying to get into the water, and someone would go before him. Jesus told him to pick up his mat and walk, and he did.

This whole sermon was not preached on weight loss, but it really struck me that I do that. I try and try and try to lose weight, but I always seem go fail. I find an excuse for why I can't. There's always a "reason." It's almost Halloween, and the candy is all over the place. It's almost Thanksgiving, and you know how it is at Thanksgiving. It's almost Christmas, and I can't be on a diet at Christmas with all the Christmas goodies everyone is making. It's New Year's. It's Easter. It's Spring Break. It's the kids' birthdays. It's my husband's birthday. It's my birthday. It's Monday. It's Friday. It's morning. It's raining.

Yeah, the excuses get ridiculous and quite excessive.

But then Jesus said something to the man. He told him to get up, pick up his mat, and walk. The man had a choice. He could remain where he was - in that state of dysfunction. He could decide it's too hard, it's too scary, what will he do when the way he's always known is different? Or he could do just as he was told and move forward in a new direction. He chose to get up and move.

The end of that passage says the Jewish leaders confronted the man and said something to the effect of, "It's the Sabbath. You are forbidden to carry your mat on the Sabbath." You see, when the man decided to move forward in that new direction, there were obstacles. Moving forward won't be easy. And there are going to be things that get in your way. The key is to look those obstacles in the face, realize that you're moving toward a goal that is much bigger than those obstacles, and keep walking. The "limbo" between where you are and where you are going won't last forever. And think about how much better you'll be on the other side.

Thank you, Rev. Jody at Stockbridge First UMC for this message this morning. It got me, not just on the weight loss but in other ways, as well. Of course, this is weight loss and fitness blog so I think I'll just leave it at this.


PS... if you'd like to listen to this morning's message, you can go to the Sermons page and look up the title "Dealing With Dysfunction" on September 15, 2013.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Prove Them Wrong

You know those people... the ones who, when you tell them you are trying to lose weight, they tell you that you can't. I think everyone who has been in a position of needing to lose weight has had that person, or maybe it's persons, who don't believe you can and end up putting that seed of doubt in your head... that maybe they are right.

I've never been thin, that I can remember, anyway. I distinctly remember a family member, who shall remain nameless, tell me as a teenager (yep, my dieting started way back then)that I'd never lose weight because I was part of the ________ Family. That stuck with me. It's been over 20 years since those words were uttered, and you know what? I let those words just sit there and linger in my brain. Every time I fell down, I let those words rise to the surface. I let them remind me that maybe this family member was right.

Do I think these words are the reason I fell so many times and never got back up? No. I know that my struggles are my own, and I take full responsibility for my own actions. But do I let those words bring me down when I struggle? Yep. All of the time.

Today, I'm declaring my intent to let those words go. I know it won't be easy. I know they are going to try and wedge their way back in when I fall. But I don't want those words to bring me down anymore. I can beat myself up all on my own, and I don't need those words to contribute.

So, I'm ready to do just what this picture says.... prove them wrong! Are you with me?