Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Red Dress

I was delusional. I believed I looked good in the red dress. I saw myself on video today. I do not look good in the red dress.


The song was great, the body - not so much. OK, so the song is called "If We Are The Body." It's about being the body of Christ. But you know, let's look at this another way - my body is Christ's body. Look at what I've done to it. Years and years of inactivity and poor eating habits - this is what happens. I so want to say this is the final straw, that from now on I am going to be perfect. I know I won't be. This is hard. I know I am going to have to rely on Him on a daily basis to help me stay active and make good choices. I won't be perfect, but with His help I can be better. And hopefully, soon, I'll have a red-dress video where I can know I look good.