Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week 1 Of Weight Watchers Done... What I've Learned

I've had a great 1st week (back) on Weight Watchers. My weigh-in showed I was down 4.8 pounds. Woohoo! I'm doing it with a friend who is committed to the WW plan, and we've committed to hold each other accountable and to not be each other's downfall. I look forward to my Saturday morning meetings.

So, one week in, what have I learned?

1. Fruit is delicious. Yeah, I knew fruit was good, but it was never what I wanted to eat. I mean, why eat fruit when potato chips were so much easier? I kept different fruits available this week besides apples and bananas, and honestly I could not get enough watermelon, cherries, or grapes.

2. The kids love other fruits besides apples and bananas. I only bought 4 peaches thinking that I'd be the only one to eat them and I didn't want them to go bad. I got to eat two. The kids loved them. I'll be picking up more at the store this week.

3. Moderation isn't that bad. Last night, we went to the Mexican restaurant. I splurged a little on some chips with salsa and queso (more salsa than queso). But I ordered the chicken, steak, and shrimp fajitas. My plan was to just eat the meat and veggies and leave the flour tortillas alone. I caved and had one flour tortilla with a little sour cream and guacamole with the meat and veggies, but that's it. I had a few bites of the refried beans, but not all of it. I brought home over half the plate of meat and veggies. And you know, I was completely satisfied. Last night I ate to live as opposed to living to eat.

4. Little changes and substitutions can make a world of difference. Really, nothing else needs to be said here. Just do some different... better... it works.

5. I actually like Greek yogurt. I've turned my nose up at it for ages now, but darn.. that's some good stuff. I had it with honey. Mmmmmmmm.

6. I love going to the Weight Watchers meetings, and I need them. I am not a "do it online" kind of person. I know that would shock some people. But I need accountability. I need to "face the scales" each week. I need to answer for what I did or didn't do. If all I have to do is log it into the computer, no one has to know how I'm doing if I don't want them to. But when I stand at the counter at Weight Watchers and I know I'll have to look that WW receptionist in the eye, it makes me want to do better.

So, nothing mind-blowing here. Just things I learned about myself this week.. and yes, it's pretty much all food-related. But shoot, food and lack of activity is what got me here, shouldn't it be what I'm learning new things about? The only way I'm going to make positive changes is to learn more about food and how I really see it.

So, on to Week 2. I'm ready!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Learned Something New

I went to the grocery store last night and picked up some fruit (among other things). This morning I took the time to rinse the grapes and cherries, and I sliced the 1/2 watermelon I bought. My picky kids who I thought really only liked to snack on yogurt, crackers, string cheese, and chips couldn't get enough of the fruit. C was eating the grapes and cherries as quickly as I was rinsing them. When I started slicing the watermelon, I had all the kids (my two, plus my friend's son who is over here for the day) waiting for me to give them some.

Lesson learned... if I keep fresh fruit in the house and ready to eat, the kids are going to eat it.

At one point, I told C to go get a cheese or yogurt.. she wouldn't. She wanted to fruit. Yay! I still want her to eat the other foods (maybe not the chips, though they don't really eat a lot of that), but C was eating 4-5 cheese sticks a day if I didn't watch her closely.

It's my hope and prayer that the healthy changes I'm making in my own eating habits will have a positive effect on my husband and children, as well. I married a picky eater, and I've given birth to two picky eaters. It's time to start expanding the list of food they'll eat.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


This morning the pastor preached on anxiety. It felt like he was talking directly to me. I honestly believe that anxiety holds me back from actually being successful. I hold onto this fear of "what if I do it all right, and it still doesn't work?" Then, when I start a diet or exercise plan, I do it half-heartedly, at best. Why can't I just let go and give 100% to eating right and staying committed to an exercise plan? Anxiety. I fear failure. If I don't try, I can't fail at it.

I'm pretty sure when Rev. Jody preached this message this morning, he wasn't thinking about losing weight. But it's funny how this message triggered the realization that the anxiety he was preaching on is the same anxiety that holds me back in my weight loss efforts. I think it's time I give my weight (and weight loss) to God and let Him have the anxiety that holds me back.

I'm joining Weight Watchers (again) this weekend. I have a good friend who will be doing it, as well. We're going to be there to support each other every step along our weight loss journeys. And we're going to be there to help each other let go of our anxieties.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Killer At Large

A Facebook friend just posted this video. It made my heart hurt to see it. The 12-year-old who thought her only way to fight her weight was through liposuction had me nearly in tears. Watch.

We, as a society, have just gotten bigger and bigger. Many of us can't even get around from point A to point B without the use of some kind of mobility aid. I'm not referring to people who have health issues unrelated to weight, but rather those who have conditions directly related to weight. I'm sure my healing from my fall over a month ago is going so much slower due to my weight.

So, what are we going to do about it? I can't make an impact on the world, but I can in my family. I don't want my children to grow up obese like me. I don't want them to be picked last for athletic games at school because people assume the "fat kid" can't do anything. All I can do for my family is make a commitment to limit the unhealthy foods and beverages that make their way into our home and lead them in an active lifestyle.

I have some new goals, goals that I know I'll have to constantly be reminded of since change is hard, and diet/activity change is even harder for me. My new goals are to make mealtimes healthier, to create more times for fun activity, and to not only change how I view eating and exercise, but to help my children grow with a healthy appreciation for food and what it does for the body rather.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another day, another pound

Yeah, I've still been gaining. I've had great intentions of getting my act together, but unfortunately intentions don't exactly equal action. Intent and action aren't even distant relatives. Ugh.

I'd like to think that my step up on the scale yesterday is the reality check to finally get me moving in the right direction. But I'm so tired of saying to myself that this time I'm going to do it. That this time I finally have real motivation. But to be honest, I'm scared that yesterday's "reality check" is no different than any of the other "reality checks" I've had. All I can do is take it one day at at time... one pound at a time. I'm just hoping that one pound is one pound off, not on.