Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Home!!! Now time to make changes!

What a wonderful vacation we had. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with family. We went to Disney's Hollywood Studios and Legoland, and then we settled in for a few days of just chilling out together. We loved going to the beach. I'd forgotten how much I loved splashing in the waves.

So, now that I'm home I need to get serious. I already know what to do to get my eating in check. Saying that part is easy isn't quite right, because honestly if eating the right things to stay trim and healthy were easy obesity wouldn't be such a problem in this country. But, I know what to do. I don't have to search for way to eat right. I know what to do, I just need to do it.

Now, what I need to do is figure out the gym thing. I basically have two options that I'm looking at. One is going back to Gold's Gym. I love Gold's Gym. They have great classes (Power and Kick are awesome, and I'm dying to try Zumba.) There are two locations, one of which has a pool - big bonus for the colder months. The other option is this gym a bunch of friends have been going to. I don't know if there are classes, but I don't think there are. But what they do have, if I'm understanding my friends' explanations correctly, is someone to teach you what to do and set you on a routine. Not only that, he monitors your progress... something I need. I need someone to hold me accountable. Someone who won't accept my excuses. Someone who will know my limitations and help me on a path to getting fit and working around those limitations. (Mainly, my knee. I can't do squats or lunges at this point due to knee issues.)

I could kick myself in the tail for gaining back what I had lost. I had lost about 30 pounds, but two hand surgeries, and knee surgery, and problems with the other knee derailed me. I let excuses get in the way of at least eating healthily. I guess I figured if I couldn't exercise like I had been, then what was the point?? Then I joined Weight Watchers and did well.. until I lost my job. Had to quit going to WW because of money, so I made excuses about why I couldn't eat right. I gotta quit making excuses and start doing.

Ugh... I hate that this is so dang hard. Guess it's time to stop making excuses and start making decisions.. like what I'm finally going to do to get fit and healthy.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Isn't that a beautiful word???

We're visiting my in-laws... it's awesome... get to spend time with family and go to the beach! Win-win!!

But, and there's always a but... I had to get a swimsuit. The one I'd worn for a few years (yes, years!) is pretty worn out. So, off my mother-in-law and I went in search of a swimsuit.

First stop - Kohl's. What in the world were the people at Kohl's thinking? I know they have buyers who select the clothing they are going to carry in their stores. They must think that if someone is overweight that their brain is too full of fat cells to have any sort of fashion sense. Or something. I found only one suit that was tolerable, and it was $92. That's about $75 more than I'd want anyone to spend on a suit they found simply "tolerable."

So, we went to Lane Bryant. There I was able to find a tankini and bottom that I actually liked, though I must admit I'm showing a bit more up top than I've ever shown. I'm sure that will make for an interesting first few trip out, either too the beach or pool.

So, tomorrow will be the first trip out... the beach. I'm kinda scared. LOL