Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Goals - January

So, I've decided against making year-long goals. Rather, I'm going to break it down into smaller bits. I can't focus on a year from now. I need to focus on now. So, I think I'm going to take this one month at a time, at least to get me started. I read a blog that encouraged to only set three goals: a food goal, a cardio goal, and a strength goal.

So, here are my goals for January 2014:

Diet:Eat home-cooked meals at least three days per week.
Cardio: Do at least 30 minutes of cardio a minimum of three days per week.
Strength: Attend BodyPump at least three days per week.

These goals seem small, but for me they are big. Getting into the gym for BodyPump is a challenge for me. I go here and there, but nothing consistently. I set the number for each of these goals at three because I needed to make the goal attainable. In reality, eating at home three times per week will probably be the easiest one to hit, but I decided for January I wanted to start with everything even. I want to set a sort of benchmark for myself. I want to give myself a minimum goal, but push myself to see where I am so that I can set goals that fit me better with past experience in mind.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Our preacher's message this morning was on dysfunction. Usually when we hear the word dysfunction we thing of a family being dysfunctional or a medical condition. But dysfunction is basically when something isn't functioning the way it's supposed to.

The passage was on the man who was healed at the pool. (Follow the link to the passage.) The part that really stuck out with me was when Jesus asked the man if he wanted to get well. The man didn't say, "Yes!" He gave an excuse. He told Jesus that everyday when the water was stirred he tried to get into the pool, but no one would help him. Reverend Jody said that they believed an angel dipped her wing into the pool and swirled the water, and the first one to get into the water would be healed. The man would be trying to get into the water, and someone would go before him. Jesus told him to pick up his mat and walk, and he did.

This whole sermon was not preached on weight loss, but it really struck me that I do that. I try and try and try to lose weight, but I always seem go fail. I find an excuse for why I can't. There's always a "reason." It's almost Halloween, and the candy is all over the place. It's almost Thanksgiving, and you know how it is at Thanksgiving. It's almost Christmas, and I can't be on a diet at Christmas with all the Christmas goodies everyone is making. It's New Year's. It's Easter. It's Spring Break. It's the kids' birthdays. It's my husband's birthday. It's my birthday. It's Monday. It's Friday. It's morning. It's raining.

Yeah, the excuses get ridiculous and quite excessive.

But then Jesus said something to the man. He told him to get up, pick up his mat, and walk. The man had a choice. He could remain where he was - in that state of dysfunction. He could decide it's too hard, it's too scary, what will he do when the way he's always known is different? Or he could do just as he was told and move forward in a new direction. He chose to get up and move.

The end of that passage says the Jewish leaders confronted the man and said something to the effect of, "It's the Sabbath. You are forbidden to carry your mat on the Sabbath." You see, when the man decided to move forward in that new direction, there were obstacles. Moving forward won't be easy. And there are going to be things that get in your way. The key is to look those obstacles in the face, realize that you're moving toward a goal that is much bigger than those obstacles, and keep walking. The "limbo" between where you are and where you are going won't last forever. And think about how much better you'll be on the other side.

Thank you, Rev. Jody at Stockbridge First UMC for this message this morning. It got me, not just on the weight loss but in other ways, as well. Of course, this is weight loss and fitness blog so I think I'll just leave it at this.


PS... if you'd like to listen to this morning's message, you can go to the Sermons page and look up the title "Dealing With Dysfunction" on September 15, 2013.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Prove Them Wrong

You know those people... the ones who, when you tell them you are trying to lose weight, they tell you that you can't. I think everyone who has been in a position of needing to lose weight has had that person, or maybe it's persons, who don't believe you can and end up putting that seed of doubt in your head... that maybe they are right.

I've never been thin, that I can remember, anyway. I distinctly remember a family member, who shall remain nameless, tell me as a teenager (yep, my dieting started way back then)that I'd never lose weight because I was part of the ________ Family. That stuck with me. It's been over 20 years since those words were uttered, and you know what? I let those words just sit there and linger in my brain. Every time I fell down, I let those words rise to the surface. I let them remind me that maybe this family member was right.

Do I think these words are the reason I fell so many times and never got back up? No. I know that my struggles are my own, and I take full responsibility for my own actions. But do I let those words bring me down when I struggle? Yep. All of the time.

Today, I'm declaring my intent to let those words go. I know it won't be easy. I know they are going to try and wedge their way back in when I fall. But I don't want those words to bring me down anymore. I can beat myself up all on my own, and I don't need those words to contribute.

So, I'm ready to do just what this picture says.... prove them wrong! Are you with me?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Never Give Up

I thought I had posted this video before, but just doing a quick glance I didn't see it. I had to find the video again and watch it because this man is so inspiring to me.

You see, like him I let someone tell me what I couldn't do. For him, a doctor told him he'd never walk again. For me, it was my physical therapist telling me that squats and lunges were a thing of the past for me. He said that with my knees and having had surgery on both of them that I'd not be able to do them again.

At first I believed him, and I didn't go back to the gym. I mean, what was the point if I couldn't do my favorite class, which includes squats and lunges? Then, I saw this video. It sent me back to the gym. I am not at the point where I can do a full squat or lunge track yet, and I don't do much of anything that requires jumping, but I'll get there. I'm not letting someone else tell me I can't.

I stayed away from Body Combat (which used to be called Kick where I go) because I was afraid of it hurting my knees. Sure, I was limited in what I could do - but it was mainly from being over 270 pounds, not because of my knee injuries and surgeries.

I'm going to keep on keeping on. I'm not going to give up. Tomorrow morning I'm going to get on the scale and own the number. And then I'm going to get my butt in gear. I will get to the gym tomorrow, if to nothing else but the elliptical, treadmill, or recumbent bike. I'm going to live each day with that day's goals in mind. I'm not going to worry about what tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year holds for me.

If I keep trying to see the end of the journey, I'm going to miss all the amazing sights along the way. In this case, I'm going to miss all those accomplishments, both big and little, that could occur on the way. Heck, if I keep trying to see my final destination rather than the roads I'm currently traveling, I may take a wrong turn and get lost. I've gotten lost too many times. It's time to get back on the road and start enjoying this journey.

And really - shouldn't I really make this my journey and enjoy the trip? Think of all the stories I'm going to get to tell. Seriously. This trip is gonna be awesome!


I've been avoiding a class I used to take at the Gym because I was sure it would hurt my knees. Well, I have a friend who wanted to try out the class, but she didn't want to alone. Our gym, like a lot of gyms, offer a trial pass.

I have to say, I had a blast! The class is called Body Combat. It's like martial arts or kickboxing - something along those lines. It's pretty funny, but you start off feeling like a fool trying to be tough. You end up probably still looking like a fool but feeling like a bad-ass. LOL (And sorry for the swearing here - I just didn't think "bad-hiney" really fit. LOL)

I had a great time, I sweat like crazy, and I walked out feeling like I'd accomplished something. I'm definitely going back! I hate I spent so long avoiding the class.

And to Les, Tami, and Tonya - thanks for a great class. To Kristen - thanks for really wanting to try out this class at the gym where I go.

Here's a promo video for the class - I don't look anywhere near as fierce as this lady. Maybe one day I will. LOL

Body Combat

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I've been checking out and following a bunch of pages on Facebook lately. There are some amazing stories of not just weight loss, but getting fit and healthy. What I'm learning is that there are so many plans out there to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. Just when I think I am going to follow a particular food and/or exercise regimen, something else catches my eye. I end up eating crap because I'm just not really sure what plan I'm going to follow. You know, you don't know what to do so you just don't do anything? That mentality.

Of course, it doesn't help that I'm the queen of excuses. I use my indecision as an excuse... "until I figure out what I'm going to do, I'll just stick with what I am doing now." Which of course, is making a good choice here and there, but mostly not.

I'm feeling rather puny right now, and not really in the mood to eat right or exercise. I've got what I assume to be a cold (I teach pre-k, and we started back this week). However, I am starting back on my Herbalife shakes tomorrow. If I keep making these excuses I'll never make the changes to my health that I desire and need to make.

Friday, July 19, 2013

What my children see....

Not exactly seeing myself in a positive light here. *sigh*

Tonight I watched Jacqui's episode on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. My kids were watching with me. They were only halfway paying attention, but when they showed her in her wedding dress it caught my daughter's attention. Here's how the conversation went.

C: Mom, when you got married were you like you are now?
Me: Look on the wall at the picture.
C: Yeah, you were. But not as bad as you are now.


I'm not feeling the drive tonight. Mainly, I'm just feeling low. I'm hoping it has something to do with me being worn out and not me getting ready for another fall.

I need help.

Here's me on my wedding day, November 2000.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Story

I am a 37-year-old mother of two and a wife of 12.5 years. I have an amazing family. I met my husband at a pre-planning event the summer before we both started a new job at a local elementary school. We were just friends at first, though he had asked me out. I wouldn’t date him because we worked together, and I figured it wouldn’t work out. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I finally decided to date him to prove it wouldn’t work. That was in 1999. We were married in November 2000. In 2002 our son was born, and in 2006 daughter came along. My husband and children are the loves of my life.

My family is amazing. I am extremely blessed to have a wonderful mother who spent my entire childhood making sure that I was taken care and loved. My grandparents, aunts, and uncles also made sure I knew love. Absent in that is my father. He left my mom when she was expecting me. I’m not sure how a man can leave his wife and unborn child, but I’ve come to understand that was his issue, not mine. It took me a long time to not be bitter. I still don’t understand, and sometimes I still feel hurt, but I try to not think too much about that. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have a grandfather who loved me to pieces and has always been a daddy to me. He passed away a year ago, and I miss him terribly. My mom has remarried, and now I have a step-dad who loves me like I was one of his own. And I can’t leave out my in-laws. They have touched my life in so many ways, and I’m so glad they came with my awesome husband.

I’m currently weigh somewhere between 270 and 280 pounds. I say between because I haven’t been on the scales in a few days so I don’t know my exact weight. The last time I got on the scale is said 275.6. While this isn’t the highest I’ve ever weighed, it’s not far off from it.

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t obese. I look back at old pictures of me, back when I thought I was huge, and wonder what I was thinking. I remember being a size 14 and telling myself that I would never be larger than that. And then, when I was a size 16, I told myself that was the largest I’d ever be. Now, at a size 22/24, I’ve been telling myself that same thing. Thankfully, I’ve been able to say this was the largest I’ll ever be for a long time. I’ve maintained this weight and size. Unfortunately, I’ve maintained this weight and size for a long time and haven’t lost any weight.

So, here I sit writing this on July 18, 2013. I started on July 7, 2013 on a journey to take better care of myself. I’ve come to the realization that I can’t do this on my own, but I can’t depend on someone else to push me, either. My motivation and determination have to come from within. Sitting on my butt and doing things the easy way are only going to lead me to more health problems and no quality of life. It’s the easy thing to do, and I’ll be the first to admit that pushing me to be more and do more scares the daylights out of me. I’m terrified of hurting myself. I’ve had surgery on both of my knees, and I don’t want to reinjure them. I learned last fall that I have a small heart defect – not one that prevents me from being active, but rather should push me to be active. My cardiologist actually recommended I exercise – not just get the weight off.

I would love to say that I’m going to do this. That I’m extremely motivated and nothing is going to stop me. But that wouldn’t be real. Yes, I’m motivated. Yes, I’m determined. But I’m also insecure. I’m scared of failing. I’m worried that I’ll disappoint myself. I’m scared of what others might think of me. I don’t have the best self-esteem around, and so I tell myself that others are looking at me. And of course, when they look at me they are judging me. They might not be, but I tell myself that.

So, here I am – a work in progress, I guess. I’m ready to take the ups and downs and pray I have the strength to get through the downs.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Three Times This Week

Headed to the gym again this morning. Go me! Funny thing is, I wasn't going to go. My husband had some errands to run this morning, so I had decided I'd just go swimming later with the family.

Well, at 8:40 this morning I got a call from a friend asking if I wanted to go to the 9:30 BodyPump class. I'd already done this class twice this week, and I was still feeling the pain from it. I should say this is my first week back at the gym in a long time. This week I made a promise to myself to get this weight off and really take care of this body I live in. So, I checked with the hubby and he was OK with pushing back his errands.

I'm so glad I went. I don't hurt as bad as I thought I would after doing this class three times this week. I'm still hoping for a family trip to the neighborhood pool a little later on. Yesterday I did a whopping two laps. Today my goal is three laps. I have next to no endurance. Part of me feels embarrassed that I only did two laps, but the other part of me feels very accomplished. I'm working through this crazy idea that when I go to the neighborhood pool with the family that I can't do laps. I usually do more in the gym, but I think I have this gym mentality where I push myself more there. So yeah, it was only 2 laps, but I'm reworking the brain here, too. I'll take it!

See that area over to the right? That's a nice big area for swimming laps. I'll try to remember to take a better picture of it later to share.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chris Powell Wanna-be

See this cutie?

She's my little girl.

She's funny.

She's smart.

She's gonna whip me into shape.

That's her plan, anyway. See,I'm a new fan of this show called Extreme Weight Loss. (it used to be called Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.)I love the show. Chris Powell is the guy who leads all of these people to make these amazing transformations. So I'm often hearing her ask me if I'd like to be on the show, tell me I need to be on the show, or inquire as to whether I'd like to "do Chris Powell." She's seven - she has no clue the meaning of what she said. Hubby and I snickered and told her that yes, I'd love to do Chris Powell's program.

So, after talking with and telling her that I went to an open call for the show but wasn't chosen, she decided she'd fill in for him. Her idea of me working out one night was to run back and forth from the living room to the dining room. The next day she gave me a stack of books and told me to lift them over my head over and over again. Today, after doing BodyPump at the gym and wearing myself slap-out, as my grandmother would say, I come home to a cute little Chris Powell wanna be telling me to lay down on the floor so we could exercise. I was still sweating from the class, so I politely told my mini personal trainer that what I really wanted was more water and some yogurt. Her response: "OK, but you need to weigh yourself."

I love this kid! She reminds me each day lately why I'm doing this.

PS.. Her brother and daddy are pretty awesome, too!!! They are extremely supportive, even though they'd rather not eat the veggies I've been cooking.

Friday, July 5, 2013

What's it gonna take?

I mean, seriously. What the heck is it gonna take for me to get with it?

I mean, I think about it. I imagine myself doing it. But that's it. I want to change my body. I want a real transformation, but something is holding me back.

And no, don't say laziness. I think it's deeper than that. There's a song that came out years ago with the line "My desire's alive and kicking, but my drive is dead."

Why is my drive dead? I don't get it.

I read the first book by Chris Powell, and then I said I'd start after reading the second one. I got the second one and have barely touched it.
I need help.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No, you can't have it your way!

Burger King's slogan used to be (maybe still is?) something to the effect of "Have it your way."

And that right there pretty much sums up why diets don't work for me. I want to do it my way. I want to get the insight of the experts, but I want to put my own twist on it to make it fit with what I want to do, or in this case, eat. It happens every single time. I start off doing great. I might even lose weight the first couple of weeks. But after that, I decide that it'll be ok if I just add in a little of this or a little of that. I know the plan says no carbs with this meal, but really who is gonna know? I know I can only have so many points, but going out to eat tonight won't hurt - I mean, it's just one night (which really doesn't work when you do that a few times a week).

So, I think I've mentioned that I was reading Chris Powell's book, and his plan includes carb cycling. I caught myself doing it before even starting the plan. "Well, he says don't eat this, but I have it every day. And honestly, a tiny amount can't hurt." Yeah. It stopped me dead in my tracks. If I want the results, I'm going to have to do it right. I can't do it half-way but expect the most awesome results. Now, I'm not saying that every single day is going to be perfect. I'm going to screw it up. But if I'm intentionally straying from the plan each day so that my way of life isn't inconvenienced then I'm really not dedicated.

So, what do I want more? Do I want to get fit and healthy? Or do I want to eat bread every day? Would I like to lose the excess pounds, or would I rather have a Coca-Cola? Because you know, I can have whatever I want - I just have to decide what I want. I can't have both.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Have you heard the song "Try" by Pink? Well, this song is not about going to the gym or trying to lose weight, but there is a part of the chorus that I swear I'm gonna post on my bathroom mirror.

"But just because it burns
Doesn't mean you're gonna die
You've gotta get up and try try try"

I can't count how many times I've given up because it's hard or it burns (you know, that feeling in your muscles??). I remember when I was running (I use this word very losely - it was more like a slow trot, but I was moving!) and my friend Lori was training me. She would have me run the short distance of just a few mailboxes, usually 2-4. I had trouble even on those short distances. Anyway, Lori had to constantly tell me that I wasn't going to die. I was still breathing, and the burn in my calves or the heavy breathing wasn't going to do me in. I wasn't going to die.

I had forgotten about that until I heard this song this morning. I really wasn't paying the song much attention.. I think it's about a breakup or something. But those lines really hit me.... taken out of context of the song,I'm gonna let them be my motivation each day to try, even when it burns.

Friday, June 7, 2013


I'm really trying to stop making excuses. I planned to go to the gym this morning at 9:30 for BodyPump. Well, I overslept and ended up getting out of bed only 45 minutes before needing to leave. I'm not a jump out of bed and go kind of person. So, I told myself that I wouldn't make it in time, I should just skip it. I mean, I had a "valid" reason to skip it, right? I was out late last night at a concert.(Cassadee Pope, The Band Perry, and Rascal Flatts were awesome!)

And then, realization hit. I always make excuses. That's why I'm in this shape. It's why I go to the gym a couple time and then quit for three months, and then go to the gym again a few time before quitting again. Usually, the excuses ate I'm tired, I don't have time, or I'm just so busy. This morning, it was the combo of "I'm tired and I don't have time to get there before the class starts."

Well, I got up and went. I'm so glad I did. I pushed through the excuse barrier. It was a mental roadblock that was preventing me from doing what I had set out to do in the first place.

Another barrier I pushed through was a barrier with my knees. I've had two knee surgeries in two year. I have had trouble putting any weight on my knees - so kneeling or doing push-ups from my knees was not possible. Today, though it took me a little bit to get into the position without being in pain, I got down on my knees for push-ups!! For me, that's huge. I hate doing push-ups on the wall. I don't feel like I'm getting the full benefit of push-ups when I do them on the wall. I also haven't been able to do very many squats and no lunges. Well, today I did a whole squat routine *with* a weight bar ***and*** I did about half the lunge routine before I needed to stop. And when I stopped, I didn't just quit moving. I did calf raises.

So, I'll end with this little nugget of truth. I've seen different versions of this in various places online, but today I finally understood and accepted it. If you want it bad enough, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How We See Ourselves

This video by Dove has made its rounds on Facebook, but until tonight I have never clicked on it to watch it. I am so sad that I didn't. I, like so many others see myself completely different from others. The way I see myself is honestly not as good as how many others see me. When I look in the mirror, I see this fat, ugly person. And yes, I am fat. That's a proven fact. Based on the definition of obesity, I am not only fat - I am obese. Morbidly obese. But that ugly part. Yeah. That part. Who the heck decided that? Did someone tell me that? Did someone do something to make me feel that way?

The answer is I did this to myself. I lumped my disappointment with my weight in with my entire being. I let fat define my self-worth. I let comments from well-meaning family members about my weight and appearance define who I was and what I thought about myself for too long. "You were so pretty when you were thinner." "You'll never lose weight, you're part of the _______ family." "You're on Weight Watchers again?" I can't control what others say or how they feel. Those negative comments came from people who I know love me, and who thought they were helping - either to motivate me to lose, or to help me accept what I am or who I am. I am not upset with them for saying it, but I don't want that to define me anymore.

Yes, I'm fat. But I'm not ugly. I don't care what society thinks is beautiful. I may not be model-beautiful, but I am me. And I am my own beautiful. And dang it - I'm flippin' worth it. So, tomorrow morning when I go to the gym, and when I tell myself that I can't do it - I'm going to remind myself that I'm beautiful, and I'm worth it. When I stumble and eat a cookie, I'm going to do my absolute best to not let that derail me.

Here's the video. Dove Real Beauty Sketches. If you haven't seen it, please don't ignore it and move on. It's really eye-opening.

Wisdom of sorts from a six-year-old

My very-soon-to-be-seven-year-old daughter was running up and down the hallway, into the master bedroom, and then back into the hallway again. On one of the trips into the bedroom, where I have been folding laundry, she offers this little nugget of wisdom. Or maybe I should have said nugget of truth.

CMD:Mommy, I’m running so I can lose weight.

Me: You don’t need to lose weight. You can run so that you can stay fit and trim, but you don’t need to lose weight.

CMD: But you do, right?

Me: Yes, I need to lose weight. Since Daddy will be off tomorrow I’m going to the gym in the morning when I get up.

CMD: Good. You need to because I’m pretty sure there’s not a baby in that tummy.

Thanks, kid. LOL This was after we watched Extreme Weight Loss this morning on the DVR and she told me I needed to go on the show.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Figuring Things Out

I have no idea what eating plan I'm going to follow - probably just cut back and count calories for now. I want to finish reading Chris Powell's Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution and possibly get started on his eating plan. But, I'm not there yet. So I guess until I get there, it's cutting back.

I spent some time checking out the gym schedule online. I'm very eager to start off in the water. They offer four different water aerobics classes - WaterFit, AquaDrills, CardioSplash, and AquaZumba. And of course, I can still swim. My goal is to spend 1-2 hours in the pool everyday (well, 5 days each week) actually exercising, not just playing. I'm not counting playing with the kids in the neighborhood pool as a workout because I won't be doing it continually. It's activity, yes. But I want 1-2 hours a day of intentional workout time in the pool.

I also want to go in for a 1-hour class three days a week that isn't in the pool. That's in addition to the pool time. I know that this seems like a lot, but I need to make the most of my summer off. I need to see some significant weight loss in the two months of no school and to get my body used to working out so that when school starts back I have a better chance of sticking with it, even if it's for shorter periods of time.

So, to get started I took advantage of a Memorial Day sale on today. I ordered a swimsuit and water aerobic shoes to wear so the pool doesn't tear up my feet. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of both and pray they fit. I also spent some time on the Lands End website and fell in love with some of their clothes. I think I just found some inspiration! I love their clothes, and I've already picked out a few things I'd love to own. I know they'll be out of style or out of season by the time I got to a size where I could/would order them - but I think they'll replace them with things I like just as much.

Oh, I forgot about something I'm going to do. It's called "DietBet." You join by placing your "bet" and then you have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight. Those who lose 4% of their body weight split the pot. Pretty cool idea, I think. I'm excited about it and can't wait to begin. I like that I'm not trying to lose the most weight, I'm just trying to accomplish a 4% weight loss goal. It starts on June 1st. It's all online, so anyone can join. Pretty cool, huh?

Sunday, May 12, 2013


I really, really, really don't like my body. I know I should love every inch of me, but honestly.. I don't. I was just in the bathroom changing clothes when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I don't usually look until I'm clothed. I just wanted to cry. How do I get to the point where I love my body enough to want to make it look better? Maybe I don't love me enough. Is that it? For the life of me, I wish I could figure it out. Because, maybe if I figured it out I'd finally be able to do something about it.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Plan

I've decided to try this for one week at a time. I'm not going to worry about next month or two months from now. Yes, I do have a long-term goal. But I am not planning food or exercise for two or three weeks at a time. I get too overwhelmed.

Monday: Elliptical (and/or Zumba if soccer gets canceled)
Tuesday: BodyPump
Wednesday: Elliptical
Thursday: Body Pump
Friday: Either Elliptical or Body Pump (depending on how the week is going and what needs to be done to prepare for soccer this weekend)
Saturday: Free Choice - do something or nothing
Sunday: Free Choice - do something or nothing

Hubby and I talked it over, and meals are going to be simple. A grilled meat (love using the indoor grill) and a veggie most days. We need simple during these crazy soccer days. Plus, we're both working full-time, I'm working on my Masters, we have to shuttle kids to to soccer or ballet, he runs the soccer program, we both want to make exercise a priority, and we have church activities a few days a week. It makes for a busy schedule, but it's worth it. And some of it only lasts a few weeks. We can handle it, but we have to plan and be on the same page.

We also talked about a long-term goal. We want to do a four-mile run in August. I haven't run in a couple years. I wasn't the best runner (I usually finished last), but I did it. There's an organization we both support for a friend whose son receives their services. It's called the Lekotek run. We've decided we'd like to run it this year - hubby, "L", and me... maybe "C" as well. We'll have to work on her.

Friday, March 8, 2013

I did it!!!

OMGosh! I did it, I did it, I did it!!!!

OK, so this may not seem big to anyone else, but for me it's huge. My favorite class at the gym is Power. They've made some changes and now the class is called BodyPump. Same format, different program - I think. Anyway, that's irrelevant. I haven't been able to take this class is years. First it started with two carpal tunnel surgeries. I couldn't lift a weight bar if I had tried - believe me, I wanted to. Then, right after the second carpal tunnel surgery I injured my knee, followed by a knee surgery. Then, a year or so later I had surgery on my other knee. I had just about gotten to where I was ready to try and do the class when I fell at work and hurt, you guessed it, my knee. Fortunately it was just a sprain.

So, today I figured I'd give BodyPump a try. I freakin' did it!!!! Woohoo!!! I couldn't do all the squats and lunges - I'm just not there yet. But I did some, and I can definitely feel the workout all over my body. This is huge for me. I feel like if I can get back into this class I can start building up strength again. My next challenge is the elliptical. I need to get some aerobic activity in, and I just don't think I'm ready for Zumba yet. LOL It's fun, but that class is intense!

So, there you have it. My mini victory for the day. Can't wait till my clothes get too big for me. :-) I figure if I have to buy shorts this summer, I should at least have to buy them in a smaller size, right???

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Going Slowly

OK, so I know some say that losing slowly is the best way for sustained weight loss. And I'm cool with that. With the exception of one week, I've lost a pound or more each time I've weighed in. It doesn't help that I missed two weigh-ins. I'm down 5 pounds since I started Weight Watchers, which isn't a lot. Of course, if it was gain I know I'd think it was a huge amount.

But seriously, I was all excited to be down a total of five pounds... and then someone else lost 5.8 this week. I decided I need to start putting more effort into losing weight and getting healthy. While a pound a week is good, I know I could possibly be doing more. I need to be more accountable with what I'm eating. I've done a little too much "guestimating" when it comes to tracking. And you can forget exercise. That's been hit-or-miss lately.

So, I'm going to take it one week at a time. This week I'm going to focus on tracking better and getting more activity in. I'd really like to see what I could do if I put forth a real effort.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Note to self: When shopping for bras, even if you are buying the same size you are currently wearing, try them on before purchasing.

That is all. You're welcome.

Love, Me