Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wisdom of sorts from a six-year-old

My very-soon-to-be-seven-year-old daughter was running up and down the hallway, into the master bedroom, and then back into the hallway again. On one of the trips into the bedroom, where I have been folding laundry, she offers this little nugget of wisdom. Or maybe I should have said nugget of truth.

CMD:Mommy, I’m running so I can lose weight.

Me: You don’t need to lose weight. You can run so that you can stay fit and trim, but you don’t need to lose weight.

CMD: But you do, right?

Me: Yes, I need to lose weight. Since Daddy will be off tomorrow I’m going to the gym in the morning when I get up.

CMD: Good. You need to because I’m pretty sure there’s not a baby in that tummy.

Thanks, kid. LOL This was after we watched Extreme Weight Loss this morning on the DVR and she told me I needed to go on the show.

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  1. Mine tell me all the time I need to go on The Biggest Loser.But I really think they mean well. Hugs, Miss our scrappin' days.