Sunday, February 24, 2013

Going Slowly

OK, so I know some say that losing slowly is the best way for sustained weight loss. And I'm cool with that. With the exception of one week, I've lost a pound or more each time I've weighed in. It doesn't help that I missed two weigh-ins. I'm down 5 pounds since I started Weight Watchers, which isn't a lot. Of course, if it was gain I know I'd think it was a huge amount.

But seriously, I was all excited to be down a total of five pounds... and then someone else lost 5.8 this week. I decided I need to start putting more effort into losing weight and getting healthy. While a pound a week is good, I know I could possibly be doing more. I need to be more accountable with what I'm eating. I've done a little too much "guestimating" when it comes to tracking. And you can forget exercise. That's been hit-or-miss lately.

So, I'm going to take it one week at a time. This week I'm going to focus on tracking better and getting more activity in. I'd really like to see what I could do if I put forth a real effort.