Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chris Powell Wanna-be

See this cutie?

She's my little girl.

She's funny.

She's smart.

She's gonna whip me into shape.

That's her plan, anyway. See,I'm a new fan of this show called Extreme Weight Loss. (it used to be called Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.)I love the show. Chris Powell is the guy who leads all of these people to make these amazing transformations. So I'm often hearing her ask me if I'd like to be on the show, tell me I need to be on the show, or inquire as to whether I'd like to "do Chris Powell." She's seven - she has no clue the meaning of what she said. Hubby and I snickered and told her that yes, I'd love to do Chris Powell's program.

So, after talking with and telling her that I went to an open call for the show but wasn't chosen, she decided she'd fill in for him. Her idea of me working out one night was to run back and forth from the living room to the dining room. The next day she gave me a stack of books and told me to lift them over my head over and over again. Today, after doing BodyPump at the gym and wearing myself slap-out, as my grandmother would say, I come home to a cute little Chris Powell wanna be telling me to lay down on the floor so we could exercise. I was still sweating from the class, so I politely told my mini personal trainer that what I really wanted was more water and some yogurt. Her response: "OK, but you need to weigh yourself."

I love this kid! She reminds me each day lately why I'm doing this.

PS.. Her brother and daddy are pretty awesome, too!!! They are extremely supportive, even though they'd rather not eat the veggies I've been cooking.

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