Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 Pounds!!!! And what I'm planning on doing about them!

And nope, that's not a five pound loss. From mid-December to today I've gained 5 pounds. Guess I enjoyed Christmas and the days leading up to it a whole bunch. Now it's time to get those New Year's Resolutions going and get off the pounds.

I've enlisted Patrick's help with getting rid of all the leftover candy and junk food from Christmas and also with dumping all the sugary sodas down the drain. Next on the list is to clean the kitchen and take inventory of what we have and figure out what we need.

Getting the house clean is the next step. I will be more relaxed and more focused if I am not constantly looking at a mess. A clean house is less stressful, which means no stress eating because of a dirty living space.

I am also going to work on getting my scrapbooking/sewing area cleaned and organized. This will give my idle hands something to do when I would otherwise be sitting on my butt on the couch eating something out of boredom. I can't/won't eat when I am scrapbooking or sewing. I am hoping to take up card making, too. My mother-in-law does it, and she creates some beautiful cards. I'd like to learn card-making techniques.

OK, so starting now... I am heading for the shower, changing clothes, and getting started on the kitchen. Maybe I'll even post some after pictures of my progress. (There's no way in creativity I'm showing anyone what my house looks like right now! LOL)

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  1. Wow! This is taking longer than expected, but man does my kitchen look good! The refrigerator has been completely cleaned out - old food tossed, shelves cleaned and disinfected, counters cleaned and disinfected, microwave completely cleaned and disinfected, trash tossed, stove-top scrubbed and disinfected... the only thing left in the kitchen is to sweep and mop.

    Now, the living room and dining room are being tackled by Patrick. Once the kids go to bed, we'll both get cracking on it. The downstairs is going to look great!