Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Falling Down

I didn't realize it'd been so long since I posted. I'm really not much good at this whole blogging thing, huh?

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted. I had knee surgery, which put me down for a bit. I was really proud of myself for only gaining about a pound through all of it. Then, about two weeks before Christmas, I was laid off from my job. I had to quit Weight Watchers, and that totally messed me up. I was in some sort of funk. Subconsciously I guess I figured if I couldn't go to Weight Watchers, I couldn't do anything. So, I didn't track. I ate what I wanted, though I did make some decent choices. I drank what I wanted, though those choices weren't usually good. I let the Coca-Cola habit sneak back in.

I fell down! I let old habits creep back in. I let life derail me again.

So I made it through Christmas and welcomed in the new year with the same mindset that everyone seems to be in.. I'm going to lose weight. But I refused to call it a New Year's Resolution. I always stink at those. I decided I was going to pick up where I left off. The only trouble is, I didn't. I was still in a funk. Add to that, one of my dearest friends was hurting, and I let my concern for her be my excuse for not doing what's good for me. And the really ironic thing is through all of the stress and pain she managed to take care of herself much better than I was.

Fast forward to today. Where am I? What am I doing?

Well, I'm finally coming out of my funk. I'm finding my motivation again. I don't feel like pulling a blanket over my head and ignoring the world. I woke up yesterday with some determination. I decided that I was going to start back on Herbalife. It worked well for me before, and I love the products. I had a shake for breakfast and another for lunch, and then we had a delicious, healthy dinner of steak, green beans,and corn-on-the-cobb. I wish I could say I was "perfect" yesterday, but I wasn't. I caved last night and ate some yummy junk. The sad part is it wasn't even stuff we had here in the house. I sent my husband out to get it. (And since the junk was eclairs, he was more than happy to make the trip to the store. He loves eclairs.) Today, my goal is to do better.

So yeah.. I fell down... and I fell hard. The important thing about falling down is that you don't just stay there.. lying on the ground.. wallowing in whatever crappy circumstances led to the fall. It's OK if you fall down sometimes.. just be sure that when you fall you also get back up.


  1. I appreciate your honesty. I as well am in a stagnant mode. I haven't gained but haven't lost for 4 weeks now. Just maintaining. Still down 41lbs but I should have been down way more. For me it's the cold weather. I feel like hibernating. I let the "I need something crunchy to eat" thoughts start to rule me. I've made good choices on the crunchy things, but they haven't helped with losing, just maintaining. *sigh*
    HERE'S to getting back into the groove for the New Year!

    1. Thanks, Amy. You can do it, girl! You've come so far already. We don't have frigid winter temps down here this year (though I know what we call frigid winter temps is nothing compared to what y'all get up north most winters). But I know all too well how the winter blahs can affect weight loss. Great job on maintaining. You'll find your groove again. :-)

  2. A trick from your Mom.... If you want something "crunchy"....measure out your Tablespoon of peanut butter. Sit it aside. Get your 2 tablespoons of raisins. Sit it aside. Get 4 or 5 sticks (pieces) of celery. Make "Ants On A Log". Yes, you will have to be "skimpy" on the pnut butter butter but you CAN divide the raisins and pnut butter and eat ALL 5 of the sticks! Wah-Lah! A healthy, crunchy snack! I am praying for you both! HANG IT THERE!