Sunday, February 26, 2017

Starting Again... and Again... and Again...

I find myself here often. Starting over. Always starting over. Why am I always at this place? Why do I start personal things, but rarely see them through to completion? What is my problem? If I knew the answer to those questions, maybe it wouldn't be February 27, 2017 with me not only not at any of the goals I've set for myself over the years, but actually even farther from every single one I've ever set.

It seems that every time I set goals, the challenges or obstacles in my way are greater and bigger than before. I guess that's what happens when you don't follow through and just going down that destructive path. My destructive path is called "Unhealthy Eating." It runs parallel and often crosses paths with "Sedentary Lifestyle." That path is often known as "Won't Get Off My Butt."

These paths are easy, to some degree. And the path seems kinda appealing and fun, too. See, it's easy to run through a drive-thru. It's easy to throw some chicken in the slow cooker with butter, cream of chicken soup, broth, and noodles. I mean, what's not appealing about some fattening comfort food? Plus the ingredients are usually cheap. That's great for my family to eat on a budget. And this business about it being fun? Well, playing on the iPad all day is pretty fun. Sitting in my chair. The iPad propped up on my belly so I don't even have to use any energy to hold it. (Can't get much lazier than that, can I?)

So,  here I am. I have no idea what I weigh. I haven't stepped on the scale in ages. Guess I'll be doing that tomorrow. I do know that my clothes are either shrinking in the dryer, or I'm expanding. I'm pretty sure I know which one it is. My body aches. Anyone's body would ache if it were carrying around this much extra fat. I'm tired a lot.

There's more I'll share, but not today. Today I'm just focusing on the diet and exercise. I'm going to get used to moving my body again. I'm starting with DDP Yoga tomorrow morning. I'm not planning on making huge dietary changes other than to focus on limiting the junk and replacing it with good. I'm not going to follow any specific diet plan right now other than just deciding if the food is going to move me closer to my goal or farther away. That's it. I'm going to take things slowly. I want to really think about my goals and decide what's realistic and important to me. Then, I'll put them in writing. Right now, the only goal is positive changes.

More to come later.

~ ~ Tricia ~ ~

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