Sunday, September 18, 2011

Planning Ahead, aka I Need Recipes or Ideas

My cousin's wife (who I usually just call my cousin or friend) posted on Facebook today that she was going into a cooking frenzy.. Their third child is due in a couple weeks, and she wants to have a stocked freezer of food that all she or my cousin has to do is thaw and reheat. She's making things like meatloaf, taco pockets (I don't even know what those are), breakfast burritos, and a few casseroles.

Now all of those things sound delicious, but not necessarily low-fat or "point-friendly." I need some recipes for healthier versions of the types of foods she's making. I also thought, since the weather is turning cooler, that I could make some soups or chili. Those would make great lunches, and it'd get me away from eating a sandwich everyday. I also don't know how to wrap or store these foods in the freezer. And when you're ready to thaw them out, how would you prepare the meal? Pop in the oven? OK. How long? What temp? These are the kinds of things I need to know.

As you can see, I need some help. Please send me any recipes you may have and/or hints or tips on how to freeze and then reheat these foods. If I get any, or if I find any online, I'll come back and post them here.


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