Monday, September 3, 2012

What Doesn't Motivate Me

A person I love, who shall remain nameless, has made comments to me regarding my weight. I know this person means nothing but love and encouragement - but it doesn't help. Telling me my butt isn't getting smaller, I was pretty when I thinner, I'd be so pretty if I lost weight... you get the idea... does not motivate me.

I'm trying... really trying... to take the negative comments as encouragement, but it's hard.

I have learned that I do so much better when I'm on Weight Watchers, so I'll be looking to head back there very soon.



  1. Dear Tricia,

    I've heard comments like that most my life. I'm doing a medically supervised weight loss program with my husband right now. Imagine my depression on Thursday when we weighed in together. He lost 14 pounds. I lost 3. Same program. He gets 2000 calories a day. I get 1500. I even cut soda completely out. Went through caffeine withdrawal for 4 days, etc. He's tightening his belt and I want to call Pizza Hut. I know how the comments hurt. I've only been thin one time in my life and have been everywhere from chunky to outright obese. I'm so sorry for your hurt. It doesn't make it easier. If you'd like to be "pen pals" my email is Put Tricia - weight loss buddy in the subject so I don't delete it until I get you added to my friends. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. Stay strong. God loves us and thinks we are beautiful no matter how we are. Even if our relatives can be jerks sometimes without realizing it. :) Lisa.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I wouldn't say this person was being a jerk, but more that he/she just didn't realize how the words were coming across.

    I agree, it is so frustrating when you work so hard to "be good" and it doesn't show on the scales. It's even more discouraging when you're doing it alongside someone else and watching the pounds just seem to fall off of him/her. Hang in there. Those little bits will all add up to a phenomenal loss, and you're going to feel so much better. People say it comes off men easier than women - I say that's just so unfair. LOL