Saturday, December 29, 2012

Before I'm 40.....

I was just on Facebook (no surprise there) and noticed a friend is 40 today. She is stunning, both inside and out. She's vibrant, healthy.

Reading her birthday messages and the messages her husband has been posting really made me stop and think. (I've been doing that a lot lately.) When I'm 40, I want someone to look at me and think the same things I think about her. But more importantly, I want to feel that way about myself. I want to feel stunning, both inside and out. I want to feel vibrant and healthy.

So, I have until September 2015. That's when I will be 40. I'm starting now - if I get there before 9/2015, then all the better for me. Losing weight, getting healthy and fit... that's a plus for me and for my family.

Not sure if my friend will ever see this post, but just in case - Happy Birthday! Thank you for being such a great person, a friend... and, even though you probably had no idea you did it, thanks for that extra bit of inspiration to get my act together.

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