Monday, January 6, 2014

Get Moving

Sticking with an exercise regimen is, and has always been, a challenge for me. So, I went looking around online for some tips to keep me going.... here's some nuggets that I found that looked like they spoke to me. It's not just about doing intentional exercise, it's about living a more active lifestyle altogether.

Do something you like. It makes no sense to to and make yourself like to do something, especially if you love doing other activities. If you hate to swim, but you love to run - then run. I hate spin class. It's not so much the class I hate, it's how badly my butt hurts on the bike seat. Thus, I avoid that class. Now, that doesn't mean you can say, "Well, I don't like any exercise so I'm just not going to do it." Sometimes you just have to do what you hate the least. You might find you actually do enjoy activities, you just need to give it a chance. I guess I should probably give spin more of a chance, since I've only tried it once.

Don't feel like you have to do it all at once. Oh, I'm so bad about this one. I feel like I have to get the whole workout in at one time. But sometimes I can only give 15 or 20 minutes at a time. It's OK to do a few short workouts to get your activity in

Find ways to be active that may not be intentional exercise. Park farther away from the door. Take the stairs. Walk or bike to your destination instead of driving. That last one may not be feasible if you are traveling a long distance, but if only going a mile or two it's totally doable.

Exercise with a friend. It's always more fun to exercise with a friend. If you're taking a class at the gym where you feel less than coordinated, you can laugh at yourselves together. Trust me on this one. I love BodyCombat at the gym, but I look ridiculous trying to look like a bad-ass doing these moves. Going to the class with a friend, even if said friend looks more bad-ass than me, makes me feel less intimidated. Not only that, planning to exercise with a friend helps keep you accountable.

Schedule your workout time. Don't just exercise when you get a chance. You'll never have time if you wait until you get a free hour. Schedule your workout just like you'd schedule a doctor's appointment. You're more likely to go if you schedule it like any other appointment. And keep that appointment. You wouldn't blow off a doctor's appointment, would you? I don't typically blow them off, so don't blow off your appointment to get your workout in.

I'm sure there's plenty more tips, but I don't do so well with numerous things to do. I get overwhelmed. These are some that I found that were doable without being overwhelming. Do you have a tip to get your workout in? Feel free to share.

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