Sunday, February 23, 2014

Eating Clean

So... heaven help me. I've decided to start cutting processed food out of my diet.... eating more clean. We bought a few foods tonight to get me started - like real oatmeal, not the kind that's flavored and all sugared up. I've already cut artificial sweeteners out of my diet. I'm moving on to cutting sugar and increasing "real" food.

This is going to be a process, not an "all-or-nothing" event. I'm trying to ease into it and learn a little bit at a time how to eat healthier with the goal of being healthy. This is a major change for me as I have lived my life on a diet it seems. I mean, the name of this blog is Confessions of a Chronic Dieter. I'm either on a diet or out of control. There never really has been a focus on health. Oddly enough, thanks to social media and the Facebook page I created with this same name, I've come across so many people who are focusing on health and fitness, and the weight is coming off as a result. They aren't dieting, but rather they are living.

Another push toward better help came from my partnership with Zija International. I found out about this amazing tree names Moringa. It's also known as "The Miracle Tree." The nutrition found in this God-made and God-given tree is phenomenal. Take a look at this photo:

I'm learning about giving my body the nutrients it needs through the moringa products I get from Zija. I don't want to put all that junk in my body anymore. I want real food to make up my regular diet, and the "junk" to be the rare treats... not the other way around. If you have any clean eating tips, recipes, or resources please feel free to share. This is all new to me.

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