Saturday, August 27, 2011

I confess....

I haven't posted in a couple weeks (I guess that's how long it's been). Last week's weigh-in had me a tad bit bummed. I lost, but barely. Last week I was down .2 - really???? That's it???? Yup. That was all.

So, I thought about what I was doing and what I wasn't doing... and I think I pinpointed my two big problems.

What I Was Doing
When we'd serve lunch at the pre-k where I work, I'd help myself to a little. The kids had all been served, and there was some leftover. And it looked so yummy. What would a spoonful hurt, right? (By spoonful, I don't mean a teaspoon. I'm talking about the big ol' serving spoon.)

What I Wasn't Doing
I wasn't tracking everything that went into my mouth. So, that spoonful of yumminess I sampled at lunch never made it to my online tracking. When dinner was done, I'd show that I had "X" number of points left (I'm doing Weight Watchers), and so I didn't measure anything - I snacked without worrying about the portion sizes.

I did (and didn't do)these for a week. It's no wonder .2 was all I lost. It's a wonder I didn't gain. I have no idea what I actually ate that week. Nothing was bad for me, it was just too much. In the past on Weight Watchers, I'd do this.. and start gaining.. and quit.

I refuse to give up.

How I Changed This Week
I decided after my very small weight loss that I was going to change my mentality where tracking is concerned. I had to make tracking as necessary as brushing my teeth or taking my medications. I didn't eat anything that didn't get written down. Even when I was "bad" I was still "good" and tracked it. I still tasted the yumminess that was prepared for the meals this week. But I tracked it. I also gave myself a much smaller portion - a taste, not a serving - and put it in a small drinking cup (like the small bathroom cups you use to rinse).

So, maybe you've made it this far and are wondering how I did with the changes.... I lost 4.2 pounds this week, giving me a 5-week total of 13.4 pounds gone! Yay, me!!!

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