Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back at it

After doing the 5K Friday night, I didn't do anything Saturday or Sunday. Monday Lori and I mostly walked 1.98 miles. I was still hurting. Tuesday, I had intended to get up and do my own run/walk, but I didn't make it. Tuesday night I got in a very short run/walk, but it was better than doing nothing, I guess. Wednesday, I did nothing. Mom and I headed to Columbus to say goodbye to Aunt Carol. The service was sad, but beautiful.

It was Aunt Carol that kept me going this morning. Lori told me yesterday that today we'd do 3.1 miles, and we'd run/walk the entire thing... and I couldn't complain. Today was the first day I did this that I didn't feel like I was going to collapse. I hurt, but it wasn't the intense pain in my calves I'd experienced before. My feet didn't hurt like they normally do. By the end they were hurting, but nothing like they hurt before.

I'm still working towards being able to run more, and slowly I am getting there. I kept thinking about the Free to Breathe 5K in August. I'm doing that one for Aunt Carol. It benefits lung cancer awareness and research. I want to run as much of it as I possibly can. It's going to be a hilly race. I don't care if I place - I probably won't. I just want to run it (as much as I can) and finish it.

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