Monday, June 14, 2010

Journey to a 5K, June 14, 2010

Week 1
Day 6

I had good intentions this weekend to get up and do one "lap" around our neighborhood. This particular route is about 1.5 miles. My good intentions didn't become reality, though. Saturday we had the kids' birthday party. I overslept, so when I got up, it was right in to "party mode" I went. We were busy all day with family and friends, though honestly I had no intentions of doing anything after 8AM. It's too darn hot.

Then came Sunday. I knew when I found out I had to be at church by 7:45AM that I wasn't going to be doing anything. I probably should have tried to hit the treadmill or elliptical at the gym, but nope. Didn't even attempt. Instead, we got to run back and forth to the doctor's office. Patrick wrecked at his bike race and required medical attention. He's got a nasty gash in his knee that required stitches. He's hurting today, but hopefully he'll be able to at least walk around tomorrow without too much discomfort.

Which brings me to today.....

Getting up this morning was insanely difficult. I finally rolled out of bed at around 5:15 (not the 5AM I was aiming for). Jumped in the shower (still had on makeup from Sunday.. I crashed the night before), ran downstairs for a piece of peanut butter bread, and out the door a little after 6AM. The first mile was a walk/run. The rest (1.25 miles) we walked, but stopped every 5th house to do squats. Our time only increased by 5 seconds, though we went farther and kept stopping for squats.

So, I am going to have to figure out the sleep and exercise thing. I am exhausted after I get back from our run/walk. I took a two hour nap this morning. I probably could have slept longer, but the telephone woke me. Which is a good thing. I didn't need to sleep all day.

I also need some good shoes. I've been wearing a pair of Nike shoes, but today wore a pair of New Balance. So, I went from the side of my feet aching to my arches killing me. Ouch!! Hopefully I'll be able to get professionally fitted for some running shoes soon.

I've got a 5K in August, and a secret one soon that I am just hoping to get through. LOL Ssshhhhh.... don't tell anyone. :-)

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