Friday, June 11, 2010

Journey to a 5K, June 11, 2010

Week 1
Day 3

OK, so yesterday I was awful. I didn't do anything! I intended to get up and go to the gym at 5:45 AM for "Group Power." Yeah. Didn't do that. I turned off the alarm and rolled right over. Then, I planned on going to the pool to swim. Yeah. That didn't happen either. I even thought about coming on here to post about not doing anything, and even that required too much effort. I did, at least, go to VBS and jump and sing. That gave me at least a little movement. Not a whole lot, mind you, but some.

So...this morning, bright and early, Lori knocked on my door, and off we went. We started off with a good bit of walking since my legs (and hers, too) were really tight and sore. Yesterday I was only able to jog twice. Today, I was able to get in three times. I figure that's improvement! We went half a mile farther, and we figured out that if we had stuck to the same route, we would have taken about 7 minutes off our time from Wednesday. We're going to stick to roughly two miles for a while so that I can build up some endurance.

It felt great this morning to get out and do something. It didn't seem as hard or as impossible today as it did on Wednesday. I love that I have someone to push me. Lori encourages me and pushes me, but she also knows and accepts my limitations. She has gently encouraged me to push just a bit harder to stretch those limits. Yes, this is only after two days running/walking with her. I could pick that out immediately. I don't think I'd do well with a "Jillian" type person yelling at me. I don't want to go to boot camp, ya know?

A positive side effect of working my body harder is I want less junk. I don't want chips and soda. There are Oreos in the kitchen that are not at all a temptation. I just don't want to do this good for my body and then undo it by eating crap.

Another positive side effect is that I actually am more motivated to go to the gym and push harder (well, not yesterday). On Wednesday, I went to the gym after I did the run/walk with Lori. I did "Group Kick" for an hour, and I noticed me really pushing myself harder. Then, today, I went to spin. I only made it 20 minutes, but I was pouring sweat. In the past, I would have not even tried to do another activity. But two days now I have done the run/walk and then something else.

Tomorrow we are having a birthday party for Logan and Colleen. I have no clue whether or not I'll be able to get to the gym. I'm actually thinking tomorrow afternoon or evening would be a great time to hit the pool. We'll see what the day brings, I guess.

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